Week 1 of 16 for half Iron distance (70.3 miles) duathlon in July

So, I am back on the horse officially!
This is week one of formal training for the Peterborough Half Ironman distance duathlon that takes place in early July. I have taken a half ironman training program designed by Matt Fitzerald, a triathlon plan guru (who you can see in person, as he is the keynote speaker at the TriSummit in Muskoka in early April. For more information, check out http://www.muskokatrisummit.com/) and fitness writer. I took his plan and slightly tweaked it. I took out the swims and jilt in some BRICK workouts later in the training to adjust to some transitions. This training plan is very different than my plan last year, as my training has increased from five days to six days, but I really like this plan as the weekday portion is doable in terms of time it will take to complete the training, as well as the long distances are scheduled on the weekends!
So, week one started on Monday. It was a rest day. I love Mondays!!!
Tuesday was the first day back on the bike, which is set up on the trainer in the basement. 40 minutes moderately with some small manageable intervals spaced throughout the 40 minutes on the bike. It felt good while on the bike. I get off the bike at the end of 49 minutes and my legs felt like they were cinder blocks….I then did a small amount of core training that will grow in time and intensity as the weeks progress.
Wed was a 4 mile run with some hill sprints. I was kind of hesitant when I went out as I have spent less time running then on the bike over the ‘off season’, but was very surprised by how great I felt running. No pain, not slow and I felt great! It wasn’t exactly warm but I was pretty sweaty guy by the end of the run.
Thursday was a 40 minute bike ride that was consistent and Friday was a 4 mile moderate run that I thoroughly enjoyed. It felt great. My ass is experiencing some saddle soreness but my legs are really good, but I think that has to do with the amount of time I spend on the foam roller in the evening after each activity. Or maybe it is the new shoes!
The weekends are scheduled for the big distances.
Saturday I had to ride the bike (on the trainer) for 35km. Due to the shape of the day, I couldn’t ride till after the kids were in bed…and after dinner out with friends…and a beer….and half of the best tasting Cherry Donut I have ever tasted! So, the ride was long and hot. Did I mention it was long? However, it was a great time to catch up watching concerts and music videos on YouTube to keep my attention!
Sunday was a 10k run. Another cold day, but beautiful and glorious! The sun was out, not a cloud in the sky. A great day to be outside. The run was great. A wonderful run with a pretty good time for a ‘slow pace’. I made the comment to my wife that my muscle memory was great. The body kicked in, the legs and lungs knew what to do and I felt super and pain free throughout the run.

Let’s see how next week goes, so stay tuned!

————————————————————————————————————–For more information on Andy running the Niagara Falls Marathon in October 2013 (and now October 2014) in memory of his uncle, Brian the Great, or to make a donation, please see the link on the homepage of the museum website at http://www.niagarachildrensmuseum.ca/. Help Andy keep Brian the Great’s legacy alive!


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