Marathon training continues….well, not really!!!

So, it is close to a week away from the Niagara Falls International Marathon and I am typing this, lying in the comfort of my bed, wearing shorts, compression socks and an ice pack tied to my left ankle. It seems that I am still recovering from an injury that has compounded with marathon training that has made running extremely uncomfortable. The discomfort comes for my left lower leg in my ankle. The strong discomfort comes from pushing off in my running stride and I can really feel the strong discomfort at around kilometre three or four when I run. So, I have resigned myself to running the marathon in discomfort or possibly pain, as that seems to be my reality.

Not running the marathon is not an option. There is no turning back. When I decided to run the marathon, I did so with the intention of running in memory of my Uncle, Brian the Great, who passed away in March 2011 from Non-Hodgins Lymphoma. It would be a great way to honour his memory, provide some spread to his legacy and help raise funds to support the educational programming for the Niagara Falls Children Museum, which he helped create. So, I really am running this for him. I am not trying for a personal best or to qualify for another marathon. My moral purpose is for another. That is why I will throw in my compression socks, my shorts, shoes and run. Strong discomfort, pain and all.

So, as I lay here, I think to my family who is gathered in the Northeastern United States to remember another uncle who recently asked away. I hope they are strong in their memories, short on grief and remember to spread the legacies of my uncles (both of them) on a daily basis.


Ps. Help me spread the legacy of Brian the Great. For more information on how to do this or to make a donation, please see the link on the homepage of the museum website at


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