Marathon Training continues: Whole lotta hurting going on!

So, it is 27 days to the Niagara Falls International Marathon and this is my first day of running after running my long run at or near race pace. I ran 30K in 2:53:21 at a pace of 5:47. Impressive (for me) and based on my calculations, would put me running the marathon in just over 4 hours. Great news! My training partners did their 30K in 3:04, which is awesome. Super happy.

What isn’t super happy is my body! Where to start because I have lots of aches and pains as my body is preparing to do something it has never done before. 4 hours of continuous exercise! Heck, even baseball games are shorter than that!!! So, as I start tapering my distance over the next three weeks, I hope my body gets a chance to recover as these parts of my body are sore:

  • knees. My knees generally hurt Sunday after long runs and Monday (which are rest days because of Sunday). I am generally icing them, elevating them and trying to avoid the stairs. Funny thing, my knees don’t hurt after I resume training on Tuesdays.
  • calves. Tuesdays, Instead of my knees hurting, my calves hurt. Generally it is my left calf. A bit below the calf actually. It provides some soreness and discomfort in running but generally it doesn’t hurt so I usually run through the discomfort. Again, icing my calf (or the area below) helps reduce the hurting!
  • back – my back hurts because it is tight. I really need a massage but I am embarassed to say I have never had a massage and really don’t intend on getting one. I really don’t like people touching me….
  • Big toes – they hurt after my long runs. Probably my gait and where I push off during my stride. A nice bath really helps!
  • Soles of my feet – they also hurt after long runs. I give them a nice massage with the tennis ball and do lots of stretching and that seems to help

The common denominator for all my aches and pains? THE LONG RUN! When the marathon is over, I will need to reflect and re-evaluate my training schedule, as well as my gait, running stride, shoe selection, diet, fuel etc. I am pretty sure that I heel strike which leads to a lot of issues with running, as does my shoe selection, as they are heavy and supportive, but a lighter shoe would probably do my sore legs and running parts a whole lotta good!

So there is the hurt. That is the bad news. The good news is what I am doing to avoid extra hurt. But that is s story for another time!


—————————————————————————————————————–For more information on Andy running the Niagara Falls Marathon in October 2013 in memory of his uncle, Brian the Great,  follow this link or to make a donation, please see the link on the homepage of the museum website at Help Andy keep Brian the Great’s legacy alive!


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