The moral purpose of running

A lot of people can’t understand why I want to run a race that takes 4 hours (for me….HOPEFULLY) or more to complete. I agree. A lot of people don’t understand. They dont get the feeling from exercise that I (and many others) do. I am not hooked or addicted to running, but I am driven and motivated. And that is my moral purpose for training to run my first marathon.
Here are reasons for my moral purpose for training to run a marathon

1. It is a mindset that you need to establish. I am always trying to become a better person. A better husband, a better father, a better professional. But to do that, I need to develop the proper mindset to know what I want to become and how I am going to get there. It is going to take work. Lots of work. But that is ok. I am where I am today because of it. Having the drive, the work ethic and having a goal and a vision help me focus on meeting the goals that I set for myself.
2. This isn’t about a bucket list! This isn’t something I need to do before my time here on earth is over. This isn’t about a life long dream. This is simple a goal I set for myself that I need to attain it and make it achievable within the time frame. I don’t want to disappoint myself or my supporters, especially if I don’t achieve my goal. That is a lot of motivation to train. And train hard!
3. Healthy living. Certainly a big factor in doing the training. You can’t train to run a marathon without eating healthy and being healthy. I couldn’t imagine training and running a marathon ten years ago. Even though I always considered myself a healthy eater, it is only in the last ten years that I have taken my diet more seriously. Not to say I don’t eat healthy all the time. I just need to eat right to fuel my body so that I can achieve optimal performance. I don’t want to do the job to get it done. I want to do the best job I can possibly do!
4. Running with a purpose. I have nothing to prove. I am not a non-athlete running the marathon. I haven’t turned my lifestyle around as a formerly obese person or an addict. I am not running for a medal. I am running because the Niagara Falls International marathon is taking place in my hometown. I have great memories watching the old Skylon marathon wit my dad. It has a certain romantic element to me. It is very sentimental to me and anyone who knows me knows that I am very sentimental. I love and cherish memories (check out the walls of my garage) So there was no doubt that this would be the marathon for me. Secondly and most importantly, the reason all the marathon training and blog writing has taken place is my uncle.
5. Brian the great. Brian Smylski is my uncle. He also happens to be one of my role models, partly because my family would say, ‘you look like Brian. you sound like Brian, you act like Brian’. I took that as a compliment! He was a different breed. He loved Art, was intelligent, articulate, great sense of humor and was a fellow Brock University graduate. He loves his nieces and nephews, but he was honest in telling us that he loved us more as we got older! The older you were, the more intelligent the conversations were and the thinking that took place, and Brian loved that! It was in my twenties when I was estranged from much of my family that my relationship with Brian and his wife Deb became important to me. They were the link to my family and proved to be the catalyst to help re-establish positive and healthy relationships with assorted family members.
Uncle Brian also hated being called Uncle. So, we called him that anyway! Until I had children. Then, Brian and Deb became a ‘great’ uncle and a ‘great’ aunt to my children. So, Brian and Deb became known as ‘Brian the great’ and ‘Deb the great’ to my children. Unfortunately, my eldest has limited memories of Brian and my youngest has no memories of Brian because Brian was diagnosed with having Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2010 and succumbed to this form of cancer in March 2011. A devastating loss to our family but to also the Niagara region Arts community. Brian was the curator and executive director of the Niagara Falls Museum and founder, curator and executive director of the Niagara Falls Children’s Museum, located in Niagara Falls (but with locations in Welland and St. Catharines). He was the driving force behind the children’s museum. He developed programming for the Museum and estabilshed a creative vision of the museum that continues today. It is his legacy. And my intention is to not only run the marathon in memory of Brian, but to also remind people of the legacy that Brian the great has left our community by raising finds to support the educational programming for the Niagara Children’s Museum.

That in a brief summation of my moral purpose that has helped me train for 13 of the 18 weeks of training needed to run the Niagara Falls International Marathon.
Please share my story with anyone you think would be interested and please check out more information on the Niagara Children’s Museum through the link below.

Thanks again! I’ll keep you posted how the next few weeks go in prep for the marathon!
For more information on the Niagara Children’s Museum or to make a financial donation, please go to


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