Chapter Two – Marathon Training in Week Two – The Rubber hits the road

Chapter Two – Marathon Training – Week Two – The Rubber hits the road

Before we get to the record of training in week two, I need to come out with my

of many disclaimers! I am on lucky guy. I love my job. I enjoy work. I have a great family that is supportive. My wife is probably my greatest inspiration. She tells me all the time that I can do it and cheers me, despite dealing with a running injury for some time that has put her out of commission! So with that in mind, I started to think of the factors that need to be in place to make any training successful. Here are my thoughts as to what I know to be true during my second week of marathon training.

  1. Need time – You need to put in the time to properly train to ensure that you are prepared for the distance, know how to fuel, know how to adjust when your body wants to stop and know how to mentally prepare yourself for discomfort, pain and the time it will take to complete any race
  2. Need support – I am a young professional with a good career, a wife and two small children. I need to have support from my wife, family and friends to spend time away from them to ensure that I can train. Because my work schedule is inflexible and my wife still goes to the gym and has taken up swimming, my training schedule has become very flexible. I am very accustomed to doing a good chunk of my training after the kids are in bed. I have grown quite comfortable running with a safety vest, headlamp and running after the sun has gone down. I even can go to sleep at a decent time (not always)
  3.  Need money – sports aren’t cheap. Really doesn’t matter what sport you play. You need to invest money (and time) to ensure that you are properly outfitted. Properly fitted shoes, socks, shorts, technical shirt (wicking), watch, gps, fuel belt, gels, chews, electrolyte drinks, recovery fuel etc. are essential to prepare to run longer than 45 minutes.
  4. Need motivation – why are you training? What is the goal? I am very goal oriented. I need to set a goal and work to achieve a goal. However, for this race, I haven’t really thought too much about a race goal in terms of time. Maybe complete it in less than 4 hours? Instead, I am concentrating on the reason I am running the race. My uncle Brian. He passed away in March of 2011 from Non-Hodkin’s Lymphoma. It was devastating. He got sick and went downhill quite fast. He was so ill that he refused to see most people, so I never really got to say good bye. He was a huge inspiration for me. Many relatives see the similarities in our looks, mannerisms and accomplishments. (Uncle Brian was the curator and executive director of the Niagara Falls Art Gallery and the Niagara Children’s Museum, which he helped start. I am running in support of the Children’s museum to help raise funds to ensure that the educational programs continue to run to serve the learning and inquiry of children in the Niagara Peninsula). Uncle Brian was one of those family members that didn’t like to be called Uncle Brian (his wife was adamant that we not call her Aunt Deb). We did anyways. When I had children, we decided to christen Uncle Brian and Aunt Deb ‘Brian the Great’ and ‘Deb the Great’ since they were a great uncle and aunt to our children. Hence why I am running this marathon for ‘Brian the Great’.


I consider myself blessed because I have the four factors that I think I need to be successful!

So, week two of training. My first serious week of training! Last week was a mish mash of recovering from my duathlon and the busiest week of my professional schedule. This week was much calmer and saner!

My friend Deb sent me a training program that she is doing. Since she lives two hours away, we only get to run together when we get together, so I will be training solo. Her schedule is pretty much a carbon copy of the marathon training schedule set out in the John Stauton book, ‘Running: The complete guide to building your running program’.

Sunday – supposed to run 10 Km at a 6:30 pace. I decided that I would much rather get on the bike. So I rode my bike on a local hilly route for 28.37K at a pace of 2:07. Monday was the day of rest. Tuesday is tempo run day. I ran 6.47 K in 33:19 minutes at a 5:09 pace. I felt good. I ran a lot earlier in the day than what I am used to (running after the kids are in bed). I realize that I need to watch what I eat and drink and coordinate it with when I eat and drink to ensure that I am well fuelled and hydrated.

Wednesday is another tempo run. At 85% effort. But I am new to the heart monitor, I really didn’t know what 85% effort was. Is it 85% of my all out effort? 85% of my all out pace? I didn’t know. So, I did the math (with the help of a calculator) and only focussed on the heart monitor and not my pace and did 10K in 57:07 with a 5:43 pace and an avg. Heart rate of 150 (lowest was 146. Highest was 165). It was super hot and humid out that day and I did this run after a long day at work. No excuses. That 10K time is not my best. I need to do a better job of hydrating myself during the day.

Thursday I was supposed to do a steady pace run of 6K at a 5:55 pace. I rode my bike instead. 23.7Km in 51:33 at a 2:11 pace. That was a slower ride than usual. Also hot. It seems I am finding it a bit difficult to slow down and not go ‘all out’ on all training sessions. That is something to address over the next few weeks and months.

Friday was off and Saturday was supposed to be a stead 6K run. I road my bike instead! 23.73 K in 50:33 at a 2:08 pace. It is important to inform you, the reader that I am doing a team triathlon (I am doing the biking and running) with my wife at the end of July in Bala, middle of August in Ennismore and mid September in Welland/Niagara Falls, so it is pivotal that I do some training on my bike. It will be tricky to see what to replace and when on the training schedule in the weeks leading up to these races.

However, that is a story for next time!

For more information on Andy running for Brian the Great or to make a donation, please see the link on the homepage of the museum website at


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