Marathon preparation begins

Hi everyone,

About a year ago, I started to think about the things I wanted to do with my life before I turned 40, which is in 2014. I am a middle aged man with a great career, a wonderful family, living in a city that is conducive to my lifestyle (e.g., record store, great independent restaurants, opportunities to be active). However, I wasn’t as active as I wanted to be, despite the encouragement from my wife and friends. I mean, I always considered myself to be an active guy, but I would say that I was out of shape. I was the prototypical recreational athlete!

That all changed due to peer pressure. My wife started to run and our good friends have been doing triathlon for many years now and through some encouragement and informal challenges, I started to get more active, which meant that I started to run again. I haven’t run really in a dedicated sense since early university. Last year was the first time that I took running seriously and started to train and last June, I ran my first competitive race since high school. It felt good to be back on my feet (no pun intended). The running has continued since then and has branched into other athletic pursuits (especially biking and cross country skiing).

But then I started to think bigger and better. That is when I got the idea that maybe I should train to run a marathon. So, that leads me to sitting at the computer and typing this post when I should be asleep because I have become energized and excited about the prospect, for a variety of reasons.

Here is why.

1. I have always wanted to run the Niagara Falls marathon. It is in my home town and I have a memory of being a young boy and watching people in the old Skylon marathon. I also love the picture of one of my friends dad running with the Skylon in the background that he has in his dinning room. Not that I want one in my dining room, but it is a great reminder and an impressive conversation starter!

2. Anyone can run a 5K or a 10K race but not everyone can run over 40 kilometres.

3. Running with a purpose means more that running without one! I decided that not only am going to run the marathon in my home town, but I am going to run and train for a purpose. I decided last year (on a run ironically) that I wanted to run the Niagara Falls marathon and raise money to honour the memory of my beloved uncle, Bryan Smylski, the curator and founder of the Niagara Children’s Museum, who succumbed to a rare form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in March of 2011. 

So, that is where I start. I am a little behind the blog but I will update it with training and pictures to share my journey. 

Thanks for reading and sharing in my journey to cross the finish line with a smile, a warm heart and satisfaction!



4 thoughts on “Marathon preparation begins

  1. Good luck. It’s a great feeling to have completed a Marathon. I am trying for a Marathon come back after a gap of 23 years. If I can help you in any way please let me know. Run well.

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